A successful “hands on” and holistic “whole horse” approach to help your horse, whether he is a top level competitor, a retired field companion or somewhere inbetween.

I am a fully qualified equine massage therapist offering massage therapy, fascial  / myofascial release therapy, red / infrared light therapy and holistic therapies such as reiki, self-selection of herbal choices and equine communication. My aim is to support and promote overall well-being, so that your horse can feel relaxed, happy and able to enjoy life to the full.

Each session is individually tailored to meet your horse’s specific needs, working on the whole horse, from nose to tail, rather than just the obvious problem area.

Equine massage is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to help improve and maintain optimal muscle health for your horse. As massage is so very relaxing, it  also helps your horse to release any emotional tension. Imagine if you are feeling uptight or nervous and think about how that affects your posture, breathing and movement – the same applies to your horse. 

Does your horse experience any physical, emotional or behavioural issues? e.g.  stiffness on one rein,  incorrect canter lead, refusing to jump, asymmetrical movement, uneven muscle development, muscle or joint stiffness. Or is he simply reluctant to work  or showing signs of emotional upset? Where disease and lameness have been ruled out as the cause, it is common to find muscle spasm and tightness leading to restricted movement, lack of performance or any of the above symptoms. Massage can release this tightness, enabling your horse to move freely again, so if this sounds familiar, then please contact me, as I may be able to help.

With my knowledge and experience of horse care, behaviour and psychology I am able to create a calming, trusting and harmonious relationship with each horse, helping him to relax and benefit the most from his session .